Coming Home connection


Ellen London

Executive Director

Ellen’s twenty-five years in non-profit and community service covers California, DC and now New Mexico.  She has worked collaboratively to build systems that maximize the resources of public and private agencies, businesses and faith-based organizations. With a deep commitment to the value of each voice, she believes the best way to ensure the effectiveness of services is to listen to the people being served, partners, funders and policy makers.  Ellen is delighted to lead an organization that is dedicated to serving the community with compassion and dignity and to continue the tradition of excellence in care. 

Barbara Espinoza

Director of Operations

Barbara worked for the New Mexican for her first dozen years after high school.  She then went on to a career as a stay-at-home mom.  She did property management for private clients for 15 years.  Following a stint with the Tierra Nueva Counseling Center, she joined Coming Home Connection, where she quickly established systems to ensure seamless scheduling of care for Coming Home Connection clients.  She has had much to do with making Coming Home Connection run like a well-oiled machine.