Those We Have Served

buy soma in San Antonio In 2010 Coming Home Connection volunteers provided personal care and in-home support to 144 individuals and their families in northern New Mexico who had fallen through the gaps in our health care delivery systems. Some of the people we have served are:
  • Vietnam war veteran (see above photo, lower right), suffering from the debilitating effects of Agent Orange, is served by a fellow veteran trained as a CHC volunteer. They create music together with their guitars.
  • A SINGLE FATHER…in his late fifties, bedridden with advanced cancer, has no one to care for him except his teen age daughter – severely affecting her schooling, not to mention her core emotional structure.
  • A KOREAN WAR VETERAN…confined to a wheelchair from a parachute accident and subsequent car collision.
  • A SIX YEAR OLD BOY…in a coma as a result of a near drowning, living with his pregnant mother and three siblings.
  • A YOUNG MAN WITH DEGENERATIVE BRAIN DISORDER…whose mother has lost her home and job, in having to care for her dying son.
  • A VIETNAM WAR VETERAN…nearing end of life from kidney cancer, wanting to die at home instead of the V.A. Hospital.
  • A WOMAN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER…who was trying to live – and therefore denied federal hospice funding – finally found Coming Home Connection toward the end of her life.
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