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Coming Home Connection provides care in the home for families and their loved ones during illness, old age, and at the end of life. Inevitably, our compassionate caregivers have to say goodbye to many clients they have come to love. To celebrate their kindness and generosity, to give them, their client' families and the wider community an opportunity to remember those who have passed, and to raise much needed funds, we are holding a DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Fiesta in the wonderful tradition of our Mexican-heritage friends and neighbors.


The Aztec roots of Dia de los Muertos add a rich flavor to the Christian festivals of All Hallows, All Saints and All Souls, the time of the year when the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the departed is at its most transparent. It is a playful festival when those who have passed are lovingly remembered. Central to the celebration is the creation of cheerfully decorated shrines ("ofrendas") that hold photographs and memorabilia of those who have passed away. We invite you to bring photographs and mementos of your dear ones.

Please call the office for tickets ($35/$10 for Coming Home Connection caregivers) or to volunteer: 505-988-2468.

* Note this is not a costume party - although we may have a face-painter to help you get your calavera on!

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