Glenys Carl’s book

Hold My Hand: A Mother’s Journey

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Publishers: USA – Magic Publishing, 2008; UK – Sidgewick and Jackson 2005, Pan Books 2006 41c06ct-IoL._SS500_

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Reader’s Praise for “Hold My Hand” by Glenys Carl

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soma online next day delivery Hold My Hand is the inspiring story of Glenys Carl who grew up in Wales. She had immigrated to the US to better raise her three sons. When she received the call telling her that Scott, her youngest son, who was on vacation in Australia, had an accident, possibly an assault,and was in the hospital dying, she immediately goes to Australia to be by his side. After three months in a coma, he responds and wakes up. He has received brain damage,though his personality is intact, and he is mostly paralyzed. Glenys is a small woman, a foreigner and has very little money. She believes though no one agrees, that he can be rehabilitated. She hands out leaflets asking for people to volunteer one hour to help. Eventually four hundred people volunteer. Her devotion and Scott’s personality touch the hearts of their new friends. When his rehabilitation progresses they have to leave Australia, she goes to London and seeks volunteers to continue his rehabilitation. It is an uplifting tale of faith, love, miracles and the goodness of people.” – Mimi Morris, USA

best place to buy soma online “This is one of the BEST books I have ever read…I find it amazing that there were always people to help Glenys, all she needed to do was step out of her home and people were there willing to help…Tears streamed down my face when Scott died…Get this book and read it – you won’t be disappointed.” – Iris, Perth, Australia

“I don’t feel I can find the appropriate words to delivery how much I have been effected by this story. I found myself laughing out loud in moments, while crying heavily in others. The author’s strength, creative soul and most profoundly –her humanity transcends life itself…After reading her book, I felt more available to the present moment and wanted to live, to take, to enjoy, to really experience life in all its fullest.” buy soma without presciption – Kristin Lewis, New York City

carisoprodol 50mg 800ct cheap “This is one of the most touching and inspiring book I’ve ever read…[it] taught me that even though one may be a complete stranger to another – kindness, generosity and faith will bring people together in a most extraordinary way.” – Alicia Loh, Penang, Malaysia

buy soma in Los Angeles “Glenys Carl’s memoir touched me in such a profound way. This is not a sad, depressing book…it’s one that will continue to inspire you by the courage, strength and compassion wrapped up in that one small woman. Most mothers would do anything for their child but, I believe, few would do it in the way that Glenys did. You’ll feel that you know Glenys, her son and all of the people that rallied to help. It’s a beautiful story…don’t miss it.” – soma rx S. Hampton, USA Purchase your copy from here buy soma in North York