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Coming Home Connection trains, places and supports volunteer and professional caregivers in homes and other settings where help is needed, to assist clients and their families through sickness, old age and the end-of-life.


Thank you for your donations for a client that is in great need of care, who has no health insurance and the family struggles to provide. Also for the fast response on our last case to get him care, as he was just not able to get him care. No other agency can respond that quickly.

~ Bobbette Salazar, Adult Protective Services

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Coming Home Connection offers all levels of non-medical in-home care. We strive to make good matches between clients and caregivers, as needs, skills and personalities vary.

We match trained VOLUNTEER ‘FRIENDS’ to work with people who have dementia, to allow family or other primary caregivers regular time off from the demands of looking after a loved one with dementia.

A free service, loaning out donated medical equipment such as wheelchairs, transfer chairs, walkers, disposable underwear, surgical gloves and other items when no longer needed.


Coming Home Kids is a project of Coming Home Connection. It arose out of our experience of providing home health care to adults for over ten years. We understand the pressures that can arise from caring for a family member at home. We adapted our model and training to create a program for seriously ill children and their families.

For over ten years, Coming Home Connection has been providing high quality, compassionate end-of-life care to people in their homes. Now, in partnership with The Montecito, we can offer this same care to people with terminal illnesses for whom dying at home is no longer a safe or comfortable option.

what our clients say about us

“CHC was a Godsend for me and my mother. With your help I was able to keep working, provide her with companionship and get her the physical therapy she needed.”

“We watched with admiration at the care and concern that each and every caregiver provided. Their soft voices and loving hands helped him go gracefully and with dignity into the next world.”

“I’ve been living with primary progressive multiple sclerosis for almost twenty years and CHC volunteer caregivers have allowed me to stay in my own home and live independently. This is a wonderful organization that fills a void in the health care community.”

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Your donation enables the CHC office to recruit, train and place volunteers to help those in those most in need in our community, and supports the low-cost in-home care service.


Monthly pledges are a truly stabilizing form of donation which helps us best plan our services.


You may also mail a check, donate stock, automobiles, etc. Please call the office:

(505) 988 2468 for more details.


All donations to Coming Home Connection, Inc. are tax deductible.



A planned gift in the form of a bequest may be the single largest donation you make to a charity. These legacy donations are fundamental to the stability and ongoing existence of CHC, and help us make a sustained difference in the community. If you are thinking about remembering CHC in your will and would like to request an information packet or to speak with someone about making a bequest, please call the office: (505) 988 2468. Join the Glenys Carl Legacy Circle today, and make your gift a lasting one.



Donations can be made to honor someone loved and respected, or in memory of someone in your life who has passed away.



Auctions are a good time to donate something with special appeal. Cars and boats can be donated for the benefit of CHC. Pro-bono services are sometimes needed. If you are interested in contributing in some way, talk to us!


Volunteering is the HEART of CHC. Every caregiver, even if they take paid cases, also volunteers because we believe in giving back to our community and because we enjoy it. This is the way we help those who otherwise have no one to turn to. All of our volunteers receive the same training, and attend to the same types of ailments that paid caregivers do. Volunteering can be done in the way that it suits you: your schedule, your abilities, your skills and abilities.



Demographics make it obvious that more and more people aging are going to be needing more help, and many will not have money to pay.


- If you are young, volunteering is a great way to personal growth, learning skills, building your professional credibility, and expressing your values.


- If you have your own limitations, volunteering can be a way to remember that there is still a lot you have to offer (maybe you cannot lift someone, but you can still give them a ride).


- If you are retired, volunteering is a great way to give what you may one day need yourself.


- If you are busy, volunteering is a good way to change focus and get your mind off your own business.


Volunteers are needed in all types: men, women, people of all ages, people with all types of interests and enthusiasms. CHC is part of a growing volunteer culture that finds volunteering can be a new social network based on values: generosity, good will, sacrifice, commonalities among people, and many others.


At CHC we support the high standards of our caregiving services and support our caregivers by offering crucial trainings. All caregivers, paid or volunteer, receive the same training. The initial training required gives new caregivers basic skills and supports better placement with clients. Ongoing trainings offer more depth in certain areas, such as dementia, infectious disease, etc.

Other Ways You Can Help
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Your donation is tax-deductible

Your donation enables the CHC office to recruit, train and place volunteers to help those in those most in need in our community, and supports the low-cost in-home care service.


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